The Making of AeroCamp

The Making of AeroCamp There is much that has been written, and many questions answered about what went on at AeroCamp, but nothing has really been said about how it came to be. I think that it is important story to tell given that what most people see is only two days of testing and and final results of all that testing.  There is so much more than that, and in fact, AeroCamp was close to a year in the making. Success doesn’t happen overnight it only happens with lots of work and planning. The Beginning: Almost exactly one year ago, Andy Froncioni of Alphamantis (the brains and software behind the TrackAero system) reached out to me on Facebook. He simply said that he noticed some of my posts and that, in his words, “you really seem to get it and unlike a lot of people, put some real thought into your answers.” He then inquired if I would be interested in working with Alphamantis to help try to bring this technology to the market. This was just after their first partner Jim Manton, of ERO-Sports had just gotten a ton of press for the aero testing at the VeloSports center in Carson, CA. Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. Andy and I started a regular dialogue and to be honest I’ve lost track of how many Skype calls we’ve had since the initial one.  Much of our initial discussion centered on a product that’s not quite ready for prime time. I can only tell you that when it is available it will revolutionise the way people think and ride their bikes. I’ve been bugging Andy incessantly since I first got wind of this tech, […]